bit fitting and trial clinics



Ever wonder how your horse would go in a different bit?

Need a bit but not sure what to try?

Does your horse have mouth or contact issues?

Bit Specialist Kim Gentry offers a unique opportunity for you to try a wide variety of bits during her personal bit consultations.

             Snaffle bits for all disciplines

             Double Bridles

             Hunter / Jumper bits                  

             Eventing bits

Get immediate feedback from your horse. We often see dramatic changes in how horses go during one session. 

Discover which bit(s) your horse is most comfortable in!


Bit expert Kim Gentry is an international Grand Prix rider providing classic and correct training for all levels. She will bring a variety of snaffle and double bridle bits for clinic participants to try during their sessions. Kim will measure the horse’s mouth and look at the shape and overall anatomy of mouth to help determine the best type of bit for the horse. Then each horse will have the opportunity to try multiple bits. The goal is to find the bit that the horse is the most comfortable in and the horse demonstrates this pretty clearly. Typically horses become better in the mouth and become softer and swing more in their bodies when the right bit is found. We also see many happier riders too as there is a better and more harmonious connection between horse and rider.

The day runs like a normal riding clinic.  Single bit sessions are approximately 1 hour per horse. Double bridle sessions are approximately 1 1/2 hours.  Participants and auditors are encouraged to learn by watching the individual sessions. 

Kim has fit horses all levels up to International Grand Prix and has fit some of the top horses in the country!

Clinic Costs

Horse evaluation and bit trial $150

Auditing available $25 per person

Next Clinic Date TBD

Registration close date TBD